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Cursillo Movement

What is the Cursillo Movement?



The Cursillo Movement offers a refresher course in the fundamentals of our Catholic faith, and helps us to learn how to share our faith more lovingly to those who ask about it.  This involves learning more about ourselves, more about Christ, and more about the joy of loving others enough to want them to have a close relationship with Christ also.

The Cursillo Weekend (3 days and 3 nights) begins on a Thursday evening with a retreat phase, and each day of the weekend is centered around prayer and celebration of the Sacraments.

In small-table discussions, participants will talk about the messages given, and how they fit in with our past experiences and future hopes.

A structure is taught during the weekend that would allow participants to have more than just a great weekend, but also continue in the sharing process through regular sharing with friends in the community if they wish to do so.

Because the Cursillo Movement began in Spain, there are some Spanish words used during the weekend, but no prior knowledge of Spanish is needed on the English-speaking weekends.

Recommended age for attending the Cursillo is 18+, so that participants can share in a mature manner, but the weekend progresses slowly, so that those who have been away from the faith, or those who have recently joined the church, will be made to feel comfortable sharing their experiences.

Isn't it time that YOU lived a Cursillo Weekend?